Anthony Lindan uses displays of magic to help illustrate his message and to engage and entertain his audiences.

5 Secrets To Perform Better on the Business Stage Keynote (45 – 60 minutes) 
The key to success is our ability to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with the people in our professional and personal life.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, Anthony has identified 5 secrets that will help corporate and business professionals enhance their social skills and personal performance.

The 5 Secrets:
1. An open and positive mindset attracts and creates opportunity.
2. Believe in yourself & stretch your comfort zone.
3. Seek to understand and be better understood.
4. Be resilient. We’re defined by how we respond to adversity.
5. Focus on what you can control.

Rethinking Public Speaking Keynote (45 – 60 minutes) 
Anthony Lindan makes his living presenting from the stage as a corporate trainer and entertainer. He specializes in providing secrets from the entertainment stage that help entrepreneurs perform better on the business stage.
Anthony’s unique communications expertise has been developed over a 20 year career delivering thousands of presentations and training sessions to business audiences across North America.
Anthony is the creator of the Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program which provides real-world tips and insights designed to help business and corporate professionals speak with confidence, poise and enthusiasm.
  • Learn how to replace your fear, stress and anxiety with confidence, poise and enthusiasm
  • Designed specifically to help corporate professionals become more effective and impactful speakers
  • Anthony Lindan shares real-world secrets learned from delivering thousands of presentations to business audience across North America.

The Confidence Formula: How To Feel, Think & Act Confidently (45 – 60 minutes) 

Confidence is the number one determinant of personal and professional success. Maintaining a positive and confident mindset – believing in yourself and your abilities – is often an ongoing challenge for business professionals

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, corporate entertainer and trainer Anthony Lindan has developed a ‘secret formula’ that provides unique insights into how to feel confident, think decisively and act with passion and purpose.

Attendees will learn practical tips and strategies that will help them:

  • Project their authentic confidence
  • Boost their personal performance
  • Be more influential & persuasive
  • Better manage negative and fear-based thinking.