Team Building Workshop

The Magic of Collaboration Team Building Workshop

A FUN and exciting activity to acknowledge, reward and motivate your team!

A 90-120 minute non-psychically challenging, gender neutral indoor experiential activity for groups up to 100 people.

The Concept: Participants working in small teams collaborate to learn magic tricks and perform a fun and exciting Magic Show. Magic is an interactive, non-threatening and non-physically challenging medium. The skill set necessary to effectively perform a magic trick closely resembles those required to successfully perform in the business world.

Client - Northern Reflections (National Retailer)

Client – Northern Reflections (National Retailer)

The Approach: Participants experience the direct link between attitude, working together and achieving results. Using Anthony Lindan’s Secrets of Collaboration participants work together to:

  • Learn and process new information
  • Execute unfamiliar tasks
  • Perform under real world conditions with tight timelines
  • Achieve a predetermined and measurable outcome
Client - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Client – Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Take-A-Ways: A working knowledge of the Secrets of Collaboration to improve:

  • The group dynamic (respect for individuals and the group)
  • Personal accountability (understanding and owning your personal strengths)
  • Collaborative mindset (positive attitude and enthusiasm)

Besides contributing their own unique talents, participants are encouraged to exercise the following skills:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management

Rave Reviews – CAE Inc. International HR Forum Montreal

    • Global aerospace company CAE Inc. brought their HR team leaders from Asia, Australia, the Middle East, U.S. and Canada together for its annual HR Forum in Montreal
    • The Magic of Collaboration team building session was the end of the day ‘FUN’ session on day 3.

Testimonial from Dean White – Middle East & Asia Pacific HR Leader

Rave Reviews – CHEC Finance Meeting

    • CHEC (Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts Association) is an association of 15 local electricity distribution companies.
    • They brought their finance, accounting and regulatory affairs team from across Ontario together for a 2 day working session.
    • The Magic of Collaboration team building workshop was their last ‘FUN’ session on their closing day.


  • Testimonial from John Sherin – CHEC President